Management of problems with using ITIL

Implementation of management of problems with the use of ITIL is the logical step. Imagine that you have a very harmful device which breaks every month, constantly taking away your time for coordination of its repair work, devouring money of the company. Having already defined the problem, you can choose ways to solve them and then to create a problem query — in which all data will be connected together. This is a main definition to ITIL use.

Upon ITIL usage the problem should not only by repeating. For example, breakdown raid of the controller on the e-mail server which entailed the temporary termination of business correspondence shall have the status of a problem. In other words, maintaining such a base will allow to mark out incidents and groups of incidents for which decision it is necessary to use changes in infrastructure.


Ideally, from the point of view of the organization of the working process, you shall aim at that to solve problems. All incidents should be transferred to the assistant whom you managed to take thanks to the clear and developed reports for the last quarter.

In order to use ITIL for it properly, you need a corresponding cloud solution which is fit to use in your company.

It is better to choose customizable ones in case there are any troubles with integration. And the main issue is to make it stackable with other solutions your company uses like CRM and others.