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A Chula Vista company of DUI defence attorneys Reports that breathalyzers used by law enforcement do not actually measure alcohol and thus may produce falsely high blood alcohol readings. In accordance with the law offices of Lawrence Taylor, Inc., in Chula Vista, Chula Vista, most breathalyzers used in DUI cases by law enforcement now use infrared spectroscopy. This technology involves detection of the methyl group from the molecular structure of alcohol. The thing is that there are the Chula of chemical compounds containing the methyl group a number of them found on the human breath. In 1 study involving 28 subjects, as an instance, researchers found that the combined died atmosphere comprises at least 102 different organic compounds of endogenous and exogenous origin (Characterization of Individual Expired Air, 15 Journal of Chromatographic Sciences 240).

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If a person has some of these other chemicals on his breath, known as interferon’s from the engineers, he’ll find a falsely substantial blood-alcohol test result. And if there are two or more such chemicals on his breath, then the system will add them up and report the total as the blood- alcohol level. According to the criminal attorney chula vista, diabetics with low blood sugar may have high levels of acetone that can be seen as alcohol by Breathalyzers. And scientific studies have found that people on diets can have decreased blood-sugar levels, inducing acetone countless times greater than found in normal individuals (Frank and Flores, The Likelihood of Acetone Interference in Breath Alcohol Measurements, 3 Alcohol, Drugs and Driving. If you are a smoker, your breathalyzer result is likely to be greater than anticipated.

The Chula Vista DUI lawyers report that common household products, such as Paint, glue, and thinners also contain the methyl group. No, you Do not need to drink the stuff: just consuming it through your skin or Inhaling the fumes can lead to significant levels of this chemical on your body for hours or even days, depending upon the half- life of this compound. So if you have painted a space or breathed in fumes in a gas station in the previous day or two, do not take a breathalyzer test.